Call for Competition Proposals

Competition organizers are kindly invited to submit their proposals to IJCNN2017 Competition Chair Juyang (John) Weng (weng@cse.msu.eduby September 15, 2016. The notifications of acceptance of the competition proposals will be provided by TBA and will be shortly publish in the IJCNN 2017 website. Please note that each accepted competition will be published in a separate web link. 

The competition proposal should contain the following information. Please send the required information in the form as a single pdf file to the competition chair Juyang (John) Weng (

  1. Name, email, and brief bio of the proposer(s).
  2. The aims and objectives of the competition,
  3. The rules of the competition, including which data sets will be used, 
  4. How the competition will serve the neural networks community/society,
  5. How to enter the competitions and how to evaluate them, and
  6. Which competition platform (or result submission and validation method) you will use (e.g. similar to Kaggle).
    1. Summary of performance results directly reported by the competition participants and not verified by the competition organizers are not acceptable.
  7. Category of your proposed competition (A, B, or C: see below for details). 

Please note that you need to select a category for your competition from the following list:

Category A:

You are planning to organise an associated special session, in which the proposal must be submitted separately to the special session chairs. In addition, you require that each team must submit at least one paper to the special session. 

Category B:

You are planning to organise an associated special session, whose proposal must be also submitted separately to the special session chairs. However, submission of papers to the special session by competition participants is not mandatory. 

Category C:

You have no plan to organize an associated special session.


For categories B and C, please also indicate whether or not conference participation is required for each entry.


A winning certificate and free registration will be provided to the winner of each competition who attends IJCNN 2017.

If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact the IJCNN2017 Competition Chair:

Juyang (John) Weng, Michigan State University. Email: