Call for Competition Proposals

(Call for Competition is now closed)

Competitions are a key component of academic events, as they comprise effective means for making rapid progress in specific topics. By posing a challenge to the academic community, competition organizers contribute to pushing the state of the art in specific subjects and/or to solve problems of practical importance. We invite to all IJCNN community to submit challenge proposals to be part of the IJCNN2019 competition program. We especially encourage competition proposals from emerging fields or new application scenarios relevant to IJCNN. Interdisciplinary topics that could attract a significant cross-section of the community are highly valued.

Potential competition organizers are invited to prepare a proposal according to the IJCNN2019 competition proposals template, available from:

The proposal includes contact information, description, schedule and motivation of the proposed challenge as well as additional information required to evaluate and accommodate (if accepted) competitions.
Please note that there are three types of IJCNN2019 competitions and you must choose one according to the following information:

  • Category A:You are planning to organize an associated special session, in which the proposal must be submitted separately to the special session chairs. In addition, you require that each team must submit at least one paper to the special session.
  • Category B:You are planning to organize an associated special session, whose proposal must be also submitted separately to the special session chairs. However, submission of papers to the special session by competition participants is not mandatory.
  • Category C: You have no plan to organize an associated special session.
Note: For categories B and C, please also indicate whether or not conference participation is required for each entry.
Dissemination opportunities.
In addition to the IJCNN2019 publication opportunities (mostly for categories B and C above), we are considering the publication of a volume of the Springer Series on Challenges in Machine Learning  ( compiling the best contributions that could not be published in IJCNN2019 proceedings. Please specify in your submission email (see below) whether would you be interested in participating in this tentative book with contributions associated to your competition.

A winning certificate will be provided to the winner of each competition who attends IJCNN 2019. We are also discussing additional sponsorship in the form of free registrations to IJCNN2019 (TBC). Organizers are encouraged to get additional sponsoring for providing prizes, travel grants to outstanding participants.
Contact and proposal submission.
Potential organizers are kindly invited to submit their proposals to Hugo Jair Escalante ([email protected]) no later than October 13, 2018. Organizers should send: the filled pdf template, plus your decision on whether you would like to participate in the tentative book (see above).
The notifications of acceptance will be provided one week later after the deadline and will be shortly published in the IJCNN 2019 website (please note that each accepted competition will be published in a separate web link).
If you need any other information, please do not hesitate in contacting us!
Hugo Jair Escalante,
INAOE, Mexico, ChaLearn, USA
IJCNN2019 Competition Chair