Call for Competition


Competitions are a key component of academic events, as they comprise effective means for making rapid progress in specific topics. By posing a challenge to the academic community, competition organizers contribute to pushing the state of the art in specific subjects and/or to solve problems of practical importance.

We invite to all IJCNN community to submit challenge proposals to be part of the IJCNN2021 competition program.

We especially encourage competition proposals from emerging fields or new application scenarios relevant to IJCNN. Interdisciplinary topics that could attract a significant cross-section of the community are highly valued.

The competition proposal should contain the following information. 

  • Name, email, and brief bio of the proposer(s).
  • The aims and objectives of the competition,
  • The rules of the competition, including which data sets will be used, 
  • How the competition will serve the neural networks community/society,
  • How to enter the competitions and how to evaluate them, and
  • Which competition platform (or result submission and validation method) you will use (e.g. similar to Kaggle).
  • Summary of performance results directly reported by the competition participants and not verified by the competition organizers are not acceptable.

Submission is closed

Competition Chair:
Dongbin Zhao Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Deadline: December 15, 2020